"The Affordable Non-Attorney Solution"™

Are you considering hiring a divorce attorney to do your divorce?

You can certainly hire a divorce attorney to prepare your divorce paperwork, but you might not actually need to. Have you ever considered doing the divorce yourself with the assistance of a professional legal document preparation service? A Legal Document Assistant (LDA) is a person who can help in-pro-per (self-represented) clients prepare and file their divorce paperwork, without the assistance of an attorney.

While a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) cannot give legal advice, individuals who know what they want with regards to the details of their divorce action can direct the Legal Document Assistant in how they want their divorce handled. In turn, the Legal Document Assistant can then draft their divorce documents based on the client’s specific requests and direction.

Since our clients are in full agreement to work together to reach an agreement on what terms and divisions work best for them with regards to child custody, child and spousal support, and assets and debt divisions, they do not have to change the court and judge making these decisions for them during their divorce process. Using an LDA also avoids having to pay a retainer to an attorney and incurring reoccurring charges billed at an attorney’s hourly rate.