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Where to Begin: Getting Divorce Help

It can be very confusing and overwhelming about where to begin once you have made the decision to get a divorce. Today, more than ever, there are many different avenues and options that you have when pursuing divorce help in San Jose or anywhere in California. Let’s look at some of the traditional options, such as hiring an attorney or mediator.

A choice that many couples are exploring when they are not able to reach an agreement is mediation. In mediation, a trained and licensed mediator, who many times is an actual attorney, will sit down with the couple to discuss coming up with a mutual agreement that addresses the issues in the case such as child custody, child and spousal support, and the division of assets and debts. The typical difference between hiring a mediator versus an attorney who represents only one spouse, is a mediator is working together in a collaborative manner to help both spouses comfortably reach a mutual agreement. However, when each party hires an attorney, that attorney is solely looking out for the best interest of the spouse they represent. When each spouse hires their own attorney, each attorney is trying to get the most for their client and that is where many times long drawn-out disputes often occur.