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Uncontested Divorce Without an Attorney

Are you looking for someone to help you with your uncontested divorce in San Jose or Santa Clara, San Mateo, or San Benito Counties? People looking for uncontested divorce help usually turn to divorce attorneys for help in this area, but often these attorneys typically use a paralegal to prepare the actual paperwork for the uncontested divorce. Why use an attorney then? You don’t have to. Interestingly enough, in California, you can actually prepare your own divorce paperwork, as there is no requirement to hire a divorce attorney to prepare your uncontested divorce. This is why using a legal document assistant (LDA) or legal document service may be a viable, less expensive, alternative to using a divorce attorney to prepare and file your uncontested divorce paperwork. Of course, if you have a complicated case or are not in agreement with your spouse, an experienced family law attorney may be a better

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How Fast is a “Quick” Divorce in California?

We should first start with the definition of a ‘quick’ divorce. In California, there is a mandatory waiting period of 6 months and 1 day from the time your divorce paperwork is filed and either served on your spouse or your spouse files a response to the divorce by filing the appropriate documentation with the court.  Additionally, all required documentation must be submitted to the court and be done accurately before your divorce can be finalized.  If your documentation is rejected for any reason, the termination date for your divorce could take longer than the mandatory time frame. Due to the mandated waiting period in California, the best way to get a quick divorce is to start the process immediately with a professional service and to be in full agreement with your spouse. The sooner you begin the process and do so amicably with your spouse, the sooner you can get a

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