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How Fast is a “Quick” Divorce in California?

We should first start with the definition of a ‘quick’ divorce. In California, there is a mandatory waiting period of 6 months and 1 day from the time your divorce paperwork is filed and either served on your spouse or your spouse files a response to the divorce by filing the appropriate documentation with the court.  Additionally, all required documentation must be submitted to the court and be done accurately before your divorce can be finalized.  If your documentation is rejected for any reason, the termination date for your divorce could take longer than the mandatory time frame.

Due to the mandated waiting period in California, the best way to get a quick divorce is to start the process immediately with a professional service and to be in full agreement with your spouse. The sooner you begin the process and do so amicably with your spouse, the sooner you can get a divorce.

Can a divorce take longer than 6 months and one day in California?

Yes, absolutely.  There are many factors that could cause your divorce to take longer than 6 months and 1 day here in California.  Some of these factors could be that you and your spouse are not in agreement which can cause things to drag out and take longer.  In order to be divorce by this 6 month and 1 day date, you must be able to have your final orders/decree for divorce signed by the judge by or before this 6 month and 1 day date.  Many times, if you are trying to do prepare and process divorce case on your own without seeking profession assistance, you will end up going well past this date.  This typically occurs since the judge will not sign your final orders for divorce until your paperwork was prepared and filed exactly as the court requires be done from the very beginning through the final stages.  This can be very difficult and complicated for people trying to do this on their own without having professional help through this process.  

Where can I find a service to help me with a divorce?

These days most people do internet searches to find a service.  Through a single Google search, you will find Priority One Legal Document services, a service that specializes in divorce paperwork preparation and filing, to help you begin your divorce process. We offer free initial consultations to help you determine if our service is a good fit for your particular case. We offer evening appointments and affordable payments plans to help assist you with your divorce. Our service has been around for over 30 years and we have helped thousands of Northern Californians with their divorce process over the years. When it comes to getting a quick divorce in this state, you want experience on your side as every detail can mean the difference between a painlessly quick divorce and a painfully slow divorce.

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