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Do you need legal help in San Jose?

Our service can provide legal help in San Jose for people who need help with preparing and filing their divorce or legal separation case.  While we cannot give legal advice, we can help to ensure that  your paperwork is prepared correctly and processed through the court as efficiently as possible.  Everyone needs legal help now and then, and our service is here to help.  If you are in need of legal help for your divorce or legal separation in San Jose (Santa Clara County), San Mateo or San Benito Counties we would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about how our service can help you

If you are needing divorce help, please feel free to contact us today to see if our service is a good fit for your divorce situation. We offer a free consultation with no obligation, so contact us today at 408.885.9795 or by email at: info@priorityonelegal.com.

Can you get legal help in San Jose without hiring an attorney?

Our service was founded on the idea that people can get legal help for their divorce or legal separation paperwork without hiring an attorney.  In the end, you end up saving time and money by using our service for legal help for your divorce or legal separation in San Jose and the other counties we support.  We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing legal assistance to our clients for over 30 years.  We take the time to listen to our clients and their legal needs. 

When Covid ravaged through our country, we immediately extended our platform to allow us to work with our clients remotely via Zoom and email.  We have found that this change has hands down become a welcomed option for our clients and have received nothing but positive feedback.  Working at this level allows us to save our client’s so much time in having to make multiple trips into the office.  We believe that the one thing that we all learned from Covid is work-life balance, and finding every way possible to be as efficient with our precious time and the value it has in allowing us to spend more quality time with our friends and families. Call us today for a free consultation at (408) 885-9794 and we will do everything we can to make this process as seamless as possible!