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While going through a divorce in 2001, my attorney was killed in a car accident. It took about 9 months to get my file and the partially finished settlement agreement; I looked for a competent and compassionate service to finish what was a very difficult process. From the instant I met Leanne I knew she was the person I wanted to help finalize my divorce. Leanne helped me to complete what had been a very painful process and made it absolutely “painless”. I have since referred a number of friends and business associates to Leanne and Trish and they have never failed to provide anything but excellent service. I will continue to refer anyone I know to them and if the need should arise for me again, I will definitely call Priority One without hesitation.

Shelly B.
San Jose, CA



I didn’t want to hire an attorney due to the expense and sometimes how they can drag things on and on. After filing myself in May 2004 I didn’t know what to do next. My divorce just sat there, stuck. In searching for other options, I found Priority One. They were so nice and relatively inexpensive. We made minimal trips to their office and within a reasonable amount of time we received our judgment in the mail.

They took something that was so stressful for me and turned it into a good experience considering I was going through a divorce. I HIGHLY recommend using them. It saves thousands and the stress saved is priceless.

In addition, they are incredibly nice and caring people. We joked around, talked about baseball games and other things that we enjoyed. It made me feel at ease considering that we were actually in their office doing a divorce.

San Jose, CA


When I first separated from my 1st husband, I thought there was no other alternative but to get a lawyer to file for the divorce. All I could think of was the cost, which I could not afford. I decided to look in the phone book to find a lawyer and I came across ads for alternative legal assistance when trying to avoid hiring an attorney. I was kind of skeptical of calling but I told myself, what do you have to lose? After calling a few services, I still felt so lost and hopeless. This was so disappointing!! At this point I did not want to continue placing anymore calls, I set the phone book down and I cried once again. I pulled myself together and decided to call one more service that I had picked out of the phone book. This service was Priority One Legal, which was a keeper!

If you want someone to listen to you, if you want someone to put themselves in your shoes, if you want someone that is HONEST and cares, it is Leanne and her associates at Priority One Legal who will do this for you.

I have been using their services since 1999 to present. I have also recommended their services to friends, co-workers and family members. You will not regret going to them. They have helped me out with my divorce and child custody paperwork. You tell them what you want and they will make sure to handle everything correctly and efficiently the first time.

They are #1 in my book!

Lost and Found
(Arcelia W.)
Modesto, CA


I wanted to take a moment to thank Priority One and their staff for helping me through a very difficult moment in my life. I came to Priority One feeling like I had no way out of a bad situation. Not enough money to hire a lawyer and needing assistance fast. I didn’t know what to do. You and your staff were very helpful and supportive of my situation and reacted quickly to my needs. It is hard to describe how one feels when confronted with a legal issue that could potentially steal your financial security and the wellbeing of your family. With Priority One’s help with my legal documents, I was able to walk into court confident that my side of the situation was thoroughly and correctly documented. I truly feel that had I not received the excellent service, attention to detail and most important, true care and concern of my situation; I could have potentially lost a great deal of money. I highly recommend Priority One to anyone needing assistance with the preparation and processing of their legal documents.

Ken W.
Modesto, CA


For the longest time my ex-wife and I dragged our feet getting our divorce complete because we didn’t know where to turn for help. The thought of getting a divorce was already difficult enough. Writing endless checks with one or more lawyers was not in either of our best interest.

After talking to a neighbor about their recent divorce, I was referred to Priority One Legal. They were not only efficient and knowledgeable in regards to the divorce process, but they truly had both of our best interest at heart. After seeing how hard it was for us to come to the reality of divorce, they took extra measures to make sure we were both comfortable in reaching our agreement and throughout the entire process. This level of compassion is something I will always be grateful for.

I would highly recommend Priority One to others that are going through a divorce. Now my ex-wife and I will have no worries about years of high attorney bills. By using Priority One Legal you can keep the costs much more reasonable.

Los Gatos, CA


Leanne and Priority One are the best! I used their services for my initial separation filing and the follow-up divorce proceedings. In all instances Leanne provided exceptional support and helped to make the process go as smoothly and painlessly as possible. When my case was challenged by my ex-husband and needed to be taken over by an attorney, the attorney I had hired commented on how professional and perfectly Priority One had prepared and handled my case. Thanks to the skills, knowledge, and thoroughness of Priority One Legal in preparing my documents and their continued follow-up, everything was done properly and in the end the courts ruled in my favor. I have recommended their services to many of my friends and Priority One Legal has continued to be supportive and helpful whenever I have called with any questions.

L. Gerst
Rocklin, CA


Leanne was highly recommended to me by a friend who is a legal assistant. I wanted to have the painful process of divorce somehow go smoothly and efficiently, with dignity for all, and at an affordable price. I wanted someone I could trust, who was professional and highly knowledgeable but still warm and friendly. I wanted my divorce to be on the terms my ex-husband and I decided and not by the influence of a third party. I wanted to have no regrets when the divorce was final regarding my decisions and needed to know that everything would be prepared and processed properly through the court. Leanne and her staff provided all this and more. I have since referred a friend to Priority One who is equally as pleased. Leanne even had dark chocolate available in her office, which helps ease the process as well!

San Jose, CA


When my former wife and I decided to dissolve our marriage we both agreed to look for a non-attorney route to avoid the high costs of attorney’s. I had heard about Divorce mediators and in my search for one I found Priority One Legal. Leanne took the time to explain the process in detail. There are many issues that need to be considered and decided upon before you submit the court documents. During this process Priority One took the time to have both group meetings with my wife and I, and individual meetings with each of us as needed for our convenience. Priority One patiently worked with us through an emotionally sensitive situation with professionalism in an empathetic and supportive atmosphere. My wife and I formed a plan in a short period of time. The paper work was created and then filed by Priority One Legal. Our result was an equitable expedient divorce at a very low cost. I highly recommend the professional services of Priority One Legal.

San Jose, CA


I am a professional actively involved in the legal community and have heard nothing but positive feedback about Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc from associates in the police department, members of the courthouse, and many attorneys in the local Bay Area. I utilized their services this year while assisting some close friends with their divorce action. Priority One Legal ended up taking over the case due to the many complexities with the preparation and processing of this case. Through working in the legal field and with Priority One, I can appreciate how complex, delicate and detail oriented it is when preparing and processing a divorce action. Just one little mistake like not checking a certain box or completing an incorrect form can cause you to have to re-file the entire case from the very beginning which can set you back several months in time. Not to mention all the constant changes in the court with new rules, laws, and forms which makes it extremely difficult to correctly prepare and process the case through the court when you do not specialize solely in the area family law.

I am very thankful to Priority One Legal for their professionalism, experience, and efficiency in assisting me with this case. They were very honest and upfront with me about the procedure and timelines. They completed everything timely as they had promised and kept me closely informed of the status of the case. They were very supportive, understanding, and patient in making certain everything was prepared exactly as requested. I commend them for everything they have done for me and many others and HIGHLY recommend them for anyone going through a divorce or any other family law related matter. They are truly a great alternative if you want to ensure that everything is handled correctly the first time at an affordable cost!

K. Pilgrim
San Jose, CA


Leanne, Tricia and the staff of Priority One Legal are my heroes!!

I thought I was divorced in January 1989. My ex-husband and I were in court, paid our attorney fees and thought everything was good to go. Many years later after misplacing my divorce documents, I went to the courthouse to obtain additional copies only to be informed by a “not so friendly clerk” that our divorce was not final. You can only imagine my shock!! I questioned her response only to be told that she could not advise me and to contact my Lawyer. I looked up my Lawyer on the State of California Attorney website and found that he was disbarred (not allowed to practice law in the state of California). My ex-husband’s attorney also had a “disbarred” status.

Over the years, I’d been to Family Court and the local self-help center only to be told that it was the original attorney’s responsibility to complete the paperwork. Every time I’d re-approach this matter, I got nowhere except physically ill. I’d had it! I decided that I would just have the divorce re-done, which I found out later was impossible to do and that I had no choice but to complete the original divorce started in 1988.

I looked in the phone book for some legal assistance and found two services near my office. I checked out their websites and made my calls. The first place put me on hold forever, so I hung up and called the second place – Priority One Legal. They answered the phone right away, seemed extremely professional and scheduled an appointment for a consultation within a few days.

When Tricia and Leanne told me “We can help you” I wanted to cry! It turned out everything with my original divorce proceedings were a complete mess between the attorneys and the courthouse.

Tricia and Leanne kept me updated about what was happening with my case and assured me that progress was being made. I was skeptical since I had tried so many times in the past to resolve this and had gotten absolutely nowhere.

A few months later in March 2006, I got a call from Tricia and Leanne informing me that not only was my divorce finally completed on April 8th 2006, but my termination date was ordered retroactive back to 1/1/89 (16 years prior) when my divorce should have been finalized.
I am SO grateful to the ladies at Priority One Legal for their expertise, knowledge and compassion in assisting me with this matter, I highly recommend Leanne and Tricia, as they were able to fix what was a complete mess at an affordable cost!

Carron W.
San Jose, CA