About Our Service

Our team here at Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc. has been providing legal document services in the Bay Area for our clients for over 30 years. Our service helps people who are looking for assistance with the preparation and processing of their divorce, dissolution of domestic partnership, and legal separations that are residing in either Santa Clara, San Mateo or San Benito counties and are in full agreement and do not wish to have to hire attorneys to prepare and process their cases. We also assist with adult legal name changes in Santa Clara County only. We are here to provide our clients with a great service while ensuring their documents are prepared and processed correctly through the court at a reasonable cost.

Our team is compassionate and understands the stress that comes along with divorce, legal separation and other family law matters. As such, we approach each and every case with genuine care and concern and with the ultimate goal of alleviating any unnecessary stress for our clients in having to navigate the legal process alone, while ensuring that our clients’ cases are prepared and filed properly through the court system.

Here are some additional things to know about our service: 

As our service will only assist in cases where both parties are fully agreeable, it is important to understand what this really means to be in full agreement:

  • For a divorce or legal separation, both parties must be fully agreeable to all terms including child custody, child and/or spousal support and the division of any assets and/or debts involved
  • For modifications, both parties must be in agreement to change the previous orders and be willing to complete and sign all documentation necessary to process the modification with their new terms
  • In all cases, both parties must be willing to participate in completing and signing all documents necessary to complete their case

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  • No attorneys needed
  • No court appearances required
  • Ability to agree on your own terms (custody, support, division of assets/debts) versus the court dictating these terms
  • Get your case processed and completed with the court faster
  • Save time and money

This allows our clients to know exactly what their fees be to have their case prepared and processed from A to Z, without having an open ended per hour arrangement where you have no ability to control your fees which makes this process much more comfortable financially for to our clients.

Although we still have our office located in San Jose, we have begun working remotely with most of our clients since experiencing Covid . In doing so, we have found that our clients prefer this method much more than having to make multiple trips into our office, due to the convenience and efficiency that this method provides our clients.

Although we have begun working remotely with most of our clients since Covid, we can still meet with certain clients in office if necessary. This would, however, depend on the logistics involved at that point in time.

It is very important when working with a service, that they have been established for many years in one area to ensure that you are working with someone that has many years of experience and that you know will be there for you tomorrow and throughout the processing of your case. Over the years we have seen many services come and go and have assisted many of those services clients who needed us to step in to assist them with completing their cases.