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Other advantages to using a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) as opposed to a divorce attorney for my divorce?

Most attorneys will require a hefty retainer to start your case which will only cover up to a certain number of hours at their given hourly rate.  After this retainer has been used up, which can happen quite quickly in divorce cases, you will then be billed hourly for all added time expended on your case.  This will result in monthly bills that may often continue, even after your case has been completed.

Many legal document preparation services will quote a flat fee for their work, which means you will also not be charged for every email, phone call and correspondence, as you would if you hired an attorney without a flat fee contract.

Additionally, many of our clients have reported that by using a service like ours, they actually minimized the emotions that can sometimes come into play when an attorney is involved. If you do choose to use a legal document service, it is important that they associate with legal professionals within their community, should you actually need legal advice. If things become more complicated down the road, you can always hire a divorce attorney at any time.

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