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Do you need help with your divorce paperwork in San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo or San Benito Counties?

All counties are different in California as to what documents they require that your file and how you process a divorce case in their specific county.  You want to make sure that you work with a service that is very familiar with the county that you will need to file your divorce in. We currently have chosen to assist in only three counties here in California- Santa Clara, San Mateo and San Benito Counties.  By focusing solely in these three counties, it allows us to work very closely with these counties, so that we understand specifically how these counties work and what they require in order to process our clients’ cases as efficiently as possible.  As the courts often change their procedures and requirements, working with a service familiar with the county you must file in is imperative.

Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc. is centrally located in in San Jose, California.  We specialize in the preparation and processing of divorce paperwork for individuals residing in Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Benito County. For over thirty years we have been helping people prepare and file their family law and divorce paperwork. We offer free consultations, evening appointments and affordable payment plans.

Why hire our service to prepare your divorce paperwork?

In today’s online age everything seems doable on-line, even divorce. However, the reality is, it takes experience to prepare and file divorce paperwork correctly as even one error can cause your divorce paperwork to be rejected and, in turn, delay your divorce. We see cases everyday where highly intelligent individuals have made errors and in turn end up coming to us to help them prepare and file their divorce paperwork because they thought it would be easy. The bottom line with divorce paperwork is there is a lot of specific detail and documents that have to be specifically prepared  based upon the parties’ individual situation.  As such, this requires the knowledge of professionals who understand how the documents need to be completed based upon the client’s specific needs/requests and the court’s specific requirements.  It is simply not nearly as easy as the online sites would have you believe.  Checking the wrong box, forgetting to check a box, leaving off a date or required information, or submitting the wrong form are all examples of errors often made by individuals attempting to prepare the documents on their own.  These mistakes and others can lead to huge delays in your case.  Additionally, when your case is rejected, it is often difficult to reach online services once you have paid them to ‘assist’ you.

We are here to help Our legal document service focuses primarily in family law divorce and legal separation document preparation. We do this every day for clients who are very happy with our service. We love helping people and we are very experienced in doing so. Call us today for a free consultation to see if using our service makes sense for you. 408.885.9795