Where to Begin: Getting Divorce Help

So you have made the decision to get a divorce and you really don’t know where to start. Today more than ever there are many different avenues and choices that you have when pursuing divorce help in San Jose or anywhere in California for that matter. Let’s look at some of the traditional options, such as hiring an attorney. This is certainly an option and definitely something that some couples require who have very complex situations or are in some sort of battle (custody, support, property and the like), but it is no longer the only option.

What other choices for getting divorce help are out there now?

A choice that many couples are exploring when not able to reach an agreement is mediation. In mediation a trained and licensed mediator, who many times is an actual attorney, will sit down with the couple to discuss coming up with a mutually agreeable plan that addresses the issues in the case such as child custody, spousal support, splitting up property, debts, etc. The typical difference between hiring a mediator to work together with both spouses versus an attorney who represents only one spouse, is a mediator is working together in a collaborative manner to help both spouses comfortably reach a mutual agreement where an attorney representing one spouse is solely looking out for the best interest of that one specific spouse. When each spouse hires their own attorney, each attorney is trying to get the most for their client and that is where many times the long drown out disputes begin.

Are there any other options for Divorce help?

When going through a divorce and needing help with the process in San Jose or any other city within California, an option that a lot of people are exploring these days is using a legal document service (LDA) or trying to do the divorce on their own. Let’s look at both of these options more closely as they actually are one in the same yet very different. A legal document service (LDA), is a person/service that has met certain technical requirements, and is also licensed and/or bonded within their county, to prepare legal documents for in-pro-per (Self-Help and Self Representation) clients. So this is a service that can help people prepare and file their divorce without the assistance of an attorney. This is a great option if the service has many years of experience with providing divorce help with document preparation and associates with other attorneys who may be needed during the process. For example, if the self-represented client needs legal advice about a certain matter, the LDA cannot provide legal advice but they can suggest an attorney that they associate with who can legally advise them, with the goal of coming back to the service to provide the divorce help needed in preparing and filing the divorce documents. This accomplishes the goal of obtaining legal advice yet still being self-represented and not having to “officially” hire an attorney to handle their case.

Isn’t it simple to prepare a divorce on-line these days, why do I need any divorce help?

There are tons of on-line legal services these days, including on-line divorce services. The problem with these methods is they fail to address the couple as individuals who have specific needs, requests or issues that apply to them. It’s the old cookie cutter approach and like with most cookie cutter approaches one size does not fit all. Many of our clients come to us after attempting to use an on-line service. Some have even gone through the entire on-line process and paid the fee, only to have their paperwork rejected by the court which in the end cost them time, money and prolonged their divorce process. Divorce is not a one size fits all as each county has its own set of rules and regulations, including some of their own local forms and a process that is specific to that county. These things are constantly changing throughout in each county court throughout the year. After over 25 years of preparing divorce documents and helping many people, we understand how technical it truly is and just when we think we know everything, something changes. We have to constantly stay on top of all changes within each county to try to avoid our client’s paperwork from being rejected.

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