Uncontested Divorce

Looking for a legal document service to prepare your uncontested divorce for you in San Jose California and anywhere in Northern California? Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc can help you as we have been preparing and filing  divorce paperwork for our clients for more than twenty five years now. Our legal document assistants are available to meet with you at no charge in order to access your document preparation needs, including helping you set up an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce at your direction

Our legal document service will prepare and file your divorce paperwork based on your instructions. We are not attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice. However, we associate with several very well respected family law attorneys who are available to meet with our clients to provide legal advice, with the goal of having you return to our service in order to prepare and file your uncontested divorce paperwork for you, without having to “retain” an attorney.

What if the divorce is contested?

We work at the direction of our clients so if you have us prepare your divorce paperwork based on the fact that you thought you spouse would be agreeable, and in turn he/she decides to contest the divorce, then you will either need to meet with an attorney to obtain legal advice on what your next step should be or reach an agreement with your spouse on all of your terms.

If you decide you would like our service to continue assisting you and your and your spouse are now fully agreeable, we will need to redo the majority of your uncontested divorce paperwork as the majority of your paperwork will no longer be acceptable within the court since your divorce was contested and you and your spouse are now in full agreement.

If you are not able to reach an agreement, then you will need to seek legal advice before returning to our service to have your divorce paperwork prepared to address your contested divorce status. In any case, typically the majority of the divorce papers that we originally prepared will no longer be suitable for your needs for the most part.

Uncontested divorce is typically what we see the majority of our client’s trying to achieve when going through a divorce. If you decide you would like our service to assist you with your uncontested divorce paperwork in San Jose or anywhere in Northern California, we are here to help you!

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