What is A Fast divorce in San Jose

Do you need a fast divorce in San Jose? The State of California has a 6 month and 1 day time period they impose after your divorce paperwork is filed and the Respondent has been served. While we cannot do anything about the waiting period, we can help you prepare your paperwork quickly, to actually be as fast as possible with preparation and processing of your divorce documents.

What is your definition of a fast divorce in San Jose?

I think that many people seeking a quick divorce in San Jose think they can do this in a week or two. We can prepare your paperwork to help you with your divorce in San Jose but the process is what the process is, meaning once again, the state controls the waiting period. Our service can however see you the same week, offer evening appointments and rush your case in order to prepare your paperwork quickly. It makes sense that the sooner your paperwork is prepared and filed, the sooner the clock will begin ticking and you can actually be divorced. Other services might not be able to accommodate your requests and therefore won’t be able to offer you as much assistance with your divorce in San Jose. Our service focuses solely on family law, which makes our service unique and very well prepared to prepare and file your paperwork right the first time, making the possibility of your fast divorce in San Jose more of a reality than a service that does not focus on family law or perhaps is not experienced enough.

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