Sources of Divorce Advice

When going through a divorce often people will seek advice from friends, family, counselors, and members of their church. Getting support during this time is very common and important since going through a divorce can be a very difficult experience.

Many of our clients while going through their divorce have continued receiving advice and support throughout the processing of their divorce to help them get through the proceeding. Many times even after the divorce is complete, people will continue to seek advice to help them in the process of letting go and adjusting to the many changes they will now face with regards to their children, finances, living arrangements, etc.

Dr. Phil recently wrote a  blog giving some basic divorce advice about “Life after Divorce” where he spoke to things to do if you are having trouble letting go and also how to jump start your life once you have accepted it. This article might be very helpful for people going through divorce and needing some advice on acceptance and moving forward.

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