Pay now or pay more later……

Everyone is out to save a buck these days but when you are dealing with family law issues such as divorce, making a choice of how you go about the process based solely on fees can be a mistake that you pay for down the line.

What, I’m still married?

We have had client’s come to us who thought they were divorced for years and low and behold they find out years later that their divorce was not completed and they are still legally married.  This is just one of the many unfortunate stories that we have heard from our clients over the years and a direct result of using a poor quality service which a lot of times is based solely on their fees.

I can’t afford to hire an attorney.  How hard can this really be, I’ll just do it myself!

Hiring an attorney can not only be a very a costly choice but it can heighten the emotions of the parties involved, so this option is something that many of our client’s have tried to avoid.  Instead many times they will go to the complete opposite side of the spectrum and try to complete their divorce on their own.  Trying to do your divorce paperwork on your own is not only more difficult that it seems, but accounts for anywhere from 40% to 50% of the business that our service sees.  This is because the forms are not simple forms to fill out and one mistake can set you back weeks, months, and in some cases even years.

What choice did I have?

Hiring an LDA service may be a good choice for several reasons.  First they are far less expensive than an attorney, they do not require a retainer (or at least they shouldn’t), and they have experience preparing legal documents.  The LDA services can prepare and file your paperwork for you thus saving you time, money and surprises down the line.

I wish I would of known then what I know now.

In the long run many of our clients tell us that they wish they knew about our service when they first started the divorce process because it would have saved them so much time, energy and money having our service handle their case from the beginning and “doing it right the first time.”

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