Life is short!

Our service is a service that is used by a lot of people throughout Northern CA and sometimes I have to ask myself why more people don’t use a service like ours.  We had a client who came to us initially to discuss getting a Divorce in San Jose.  She had been married for about three years during which time her husband incurred a lot on her credit cards.  In the end the only thing she wanted was to be through with the marriage and if that meant letting him walk away from the debts he incurred, she was willing to do it.

It may seem like it’s worth fighting for, but is it really?

We had another client who came to us to prepare his divorce.  He insisted that his wife pay half of all the debts that had incurred during their marriage.  While we are not attorneys, mediators or even counselors, we still get an earful at times from our clients.  In this particular clients case he told stories of being falsely arrested because his wife called the police on him on at least three occasions when he was merely just watching TV but he would not agree to something simple, like where to go for dinner; and stories of being threatened by her continuously to do something harmful to him or his family; all stories that were pretty scary and if true, would make a reasonable person think before they do anything else to provoke a situation with a person like this.  He even told us that by asking her to pay for any of their mutual debt he was certain that she would contest the divorce and get a really good lawyer to fight him, even if she didn’t win, just to make his life miserable, but none the less he wanted her to pay what he called “her fair share”.

Even when enough is enough!

A friend of ours recently walked away from a marriage of twenty five years because he felt as though he had done everything he could to make the marriage work.  There were a lot of issues but most of the issues revolved around finances and each of their children from previous marriages.  He had always been the “Bread Maker” in the marriage and while he was fine with that, he was not fine with her not during her part in the marriage to make things equitable.  For years she had allowed her children to move in with them when they lost their job, or got in trouble as a result of drugs or a crime.  He warned her time and time again that they cannot afford to keep doing this, but even when her kids were in their thirties, she continued.  She also loved to spend money and hated doing household chores.  All and all it added up to a one sided marriage where all he did was work and all she did was spend money on herself and her kids.  One day, while she was out, he got a small moving truck and loaded up just a few of his things, all things he had prior to their marriage.  In his case that amounted to a stereo, a motorcycle, a CD collection, some tools, a bicycle, clothes and literally a pillow and blanket.  It didn’t take long to pack up and he was done before she got home.  When she got there she noticed his things were missing and a note that said “I am filing for divorce, I just can’t take living like this anymore”.  In this case he walked away from everything he/they had accumulated in their twenty five year marriage, just to be free.

Save the time, the stress and the years of your life it will surely take from you!

While I could easily go on and on about the various types of people we see in our office each day, or people that we know who have gone through a divorce, the one thing that seems constant to me is that the ones who are agreeable seem more peaceful.
Life is short…..keep it simple and enjoy your life!  Using a legal document service to prepare and file your divorce or family law paperwork may be the simplicity answer.  It certainly helps keep the emotions at bay that tend to arise when an attorney gets involved.  If you live in San Jose or anywhere in Northern CA, feel free to get in touch with our service to see if we can help.  We offer free initial consultations, evening appointments and affordable payments plans, all ways for us to eliminate stress for our clients!

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