Legal Advice in San Jose

As a legal document service in San Jose California, we prepare divorce paperwork and other family law paperwork for client’s that do not wish to hire a family law attorney to handle the divorce paperwork in San Jose. We are very aware that we can prepare and file your divorce paperwork but we cannot give legal advice.

Who can give legal advice in San Jose or elsewhere?

Family Law Attorneys or any other attorneys are the only professionals that can provide legal advice. This is why when a client of ours asks for or appears to need legal advice, before or during assisting them with their divorce paperwork or other family law paperwork, we immediately offer to have them speak with one of the attorneys that we associate with here in San Jose, or suggest that they find an attorney that they trust and can speak with on their own so that they may obtain legal advice in San Jose or elsewhere to help them make an informed decision before or during doing their divorce paperwork in San Jose.

Why we don’t give legal advice in San Jose or elsewhere

It is against the law for any paralegal or legal document assistant to give Legal Advice in San Jose or anywhere for that matter. Paralegals and legal document assistants are not licensed attorneys. While legal document assistants are certified and bonded, and can offer a very valuable service to individuals who want to do their divorce paperwork and other family law paperwork at an affordable cost without using an attorney, they still cannot give legal advice. The best service to use when using a legal document service is a service who knows this, understands this and has associations with family law attorneys or attorneys in general as well as other professionals that they can refer their clients to when appropriate. And as always we suggest that you use a legal document service to prepare your divorce paperwork that has a solid reputation, has been in business for a significant amount of time, has strong ties to the community and that is located in a professional centrally located establishment where you can visit them should you have questions or want to meet face to face, as we feel it should always be. Online legal document preparation services cannot and do not provide face to face, personal attention and that is the only way we do business when assisting our client’s with their divorce paperwork in San Jose and all other areas of California!

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