Divorce is Not an Olympic Sport or Competition: How to Lose Gracefully

I am sure most of you are watching the Olympics this last week and cheering on the US to bring home the gold. These athletes have trained since they were children to compete and even when they fail, they all seem to remain calm and composed. I wish the same could be said of all adults who have reached a point in their marriage where they have decided to throw in the towel. While the majority of our clients are agreeable, we still see and hear about couples who seem to view their divorce as a sport, and a sport they are willing to fight until the end to win at, no matter what the cost to their team.

Time has a way of making us forget

Bruce Jenner was a hero of mine in the 70’s. I remember watching him during the Montreal Olympics when he was considered one of, if not “the” Greatest athletes in the World. Today I would bet that most kids and/or people under the age of 30, don’t even know that Bruce Jenner was an Olympian, but rather know him only as a part of the Kardashian family. This is so sad to me but it also represents the point that while many couples believe their fight is worth fighting for, years down the line it really doesn’t matter as much as they thought it did. In Bruce Jenner’s case he was a well deserved athlete who should by all accounts be remembered as such still today. Society has a way of brushing things under the carpet and time has a way of making us forget.

We can all learn something from the Olympians: How to Lose Gracefully

The one thing I hope we can all take away from the Olympians that we are all watching during these Olympics is how to lose gracefully. I watch these young athletes who have trained their whole lives for this one moment and they all give a 100%, even though they know there can only be one gold medal winner. I watch as the athletes who do not make the gold control their emotions of disappointment and devastation and still congratulate the winners and how they support their team mates and even the athletes from the other countries and I ask myself why we all can’t be like this every day. Wouldn’t life just be easier and more pleasant if we were all agreeable and/or understanding towards each other, like the Olympians? In the case of Divorce, the team consists of the couple and the children. By working together during the Divorce process the team could get through the process much smoother, for the sake of their family or the “team” and that is what we strive for here at Priority One Legal.

We congratulate the athletes of the 2012 Olympic Games!

We at Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc just want to take a moment to congratulate all of the athletes who work so hard and made it to the 2012 Olympics. You are all winners and role models for us all. Thank you for showing us how working together really can make a difference and a great impression. We can all learn so much from you.

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