Do you need help with your divorce paperwork in San Jose or Northern California?

We are Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc located in in San Jose CA and we specialize in the preparation and processing of divorce paperwork for individuals residing in San Jose and throughout California. For over twenty five years now we have been helping people prepare and file their family law and divorce paperwork. We offer free consultations, evening appointments and affordable payment plans.

Why hire our service to prepare your divorce paperwork?

In today’s online age everything seems doable on-line, even divorce. However, the reality is, it takes experience to prepare and file divorce paperwork correctly as even one error can cause your divorce paperwork to be rejected and in turn delay your divorce. We see cases where people with PhD’s have made errors and in turn end up coming to us to help them prepare and file their divorce paperwork because they thought it would be easy. The bottom line with divorce paperwork is there is a lot of specific detail and documents that have to be included and specific check marks that have to be checked or left unchecked, etc. which will totally depend on each individual’s specific situation, requests, and the county in which they file. It’s simply not nearly as easy as the online sites would have you believe.

We are here to help

Our legal document service focuses primarily in family law divorce paperwork preparation. We do this every day for clients who rave about our service. We love helping people and we are very experienced in doing so. Call us today for a free consultation to see if using our service makes sense for you. 408.885.9795

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