Do you need divorce help?

Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc can offer you some divorce help if you live in San Jose or Northern California. We have been helping people prepare and file their divorce paperwork for over twenty five years now. We work with all different types of people who need divorce help, from the C-level executives of the Silicon Valley, to Nurses, firefighters, police officers and our military, even Joe down at Joe’s garage. We treat all of our clients the same, with respect and dignity. We keep our commitments and put our clients at ease about the entire divorce paperwork process.

Hire a professional service for your divorce!

I can’t say this enough, but you need to really understand that preparing and filing a divorce in California is not as easy as some of these online divorce sites make you think. As with most legal issues in California, preparing a divorce can be complicated. One error on your paperwork can cause your divorce paperwork to be kicked back, and in turn stall your divorce and many times require you to start all over from the very beginning. We see this time and time again with clients who come to us to fix their paperwork that was prepared by a sub-standard service, or paperwork that they tried to complete on their own or through the internet.

We can provide divorce help!

Call us today at 408.885.9795 or email us at:, to set up your free consultation to see how we can give you the property divorce help you deserve.

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