Divorcing couples in San Jose opt for mediation instead of a long drawn out court or attorney to attorney battle

Mediation is on the rise and for good reason. Many couples logically see that getting attorneys involved in their Divorce can be a costly battle, both emotionally and financially. A court battle could easily reduce or eliminate the resources and assets acquired through the years of marriage. A better choice perhaps is mediation whereas both parties agree to work with a mediator and in turn agree to how their assets get divided on their own as opposed to a judge deciding this for them, although a judge still signs off in the end (rarely an issue). There are also financial planners, whose expertise is in divorce, specifically helping couples who choose mediation.

Why more stars should consider mediation

It seems logical to me that more stars would or should chose mediation, if for no other reason, for the privacy factor. Meditation dealings are typically very private and confidential whereas attorney to attorney divorces are almost always media driven. In addition the mediation process is typically a very fast and efficient process which helps things get resolved quickly without as much attention being focused.

Who we know

Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc is a legal document service with a good network of mediators as well as financial planners to help their clients use any and all resources available to them in order to make the divorce without an attorney process as easy as possible. Since we cannot give legal advice we can only offer these resources to our clients when they ask or when we see that they need more direction or advice that we cannot legally provide to them. We also have attorneys that we associate with that we are also happy to connect our clients with should they need legal advice.

Free consultations

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about divorcing without an attorney in San Jose CA or Northern CA, then contact us for a free consultation. We would be happy to share any resources we have available within our network as well as help you prepare and file your family law or divorce paperwork. We have weekend and evening appointments available as well as affordable payment plans and we have over twenty five years of solid experience. info@priorityonelegal.com or 408.885.9795

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