Divorce in San Jose

We recently took a look at the rate of divorce in San Jose CA and the local Bay Area to see if perhaps living in a high tech area had any impact as to the divorce rate. The first thing we noticed was that most of the people working in the high tech field tended to get married later in life, which statistically means a lower divorce rate than had they married before they were 30 years old.  One of the reasons people tend to marry later in life in high tech has to do with their primary goal of getting their education and career established before starting a family. Additionally, high tech employees are not only older when they marry but tend to earn more than your average blue collar worker and as a result they are more secure on their own financially. Many times people will marry at a young age due to the added benefit of financial stability with a double income. It is much easier to “make it” with two incomes as opposed to one income. This applies especially with divorce in San Jose and the local Bay Area due to the high costs of living.

Percentage of men verses women

On average women who marry young tend to file for divorce more often than men who marry young.  However that changes when either sex reaches 25 years of age.  It is at that point that the rate of divorce for men starts to climb.  The percentage of men verses women does not seem to be a real issue for the rate of divorce in San Jose and the local Bay Area.  There are however more men in engineering than women and that can affect the rate of divorce in San Jose by gender. The number of women in the engineering field is definitely increasing but engineering is still predominately a male dominated field.  This has nothing to do with the acceptability of women in engineering but really more to do with the desire for women to become engineers.  Doing divorce in San Jose and the local Bay Area we see a higher rate of Asian women in the engineering fields than we do Caucasian, Hispanic or African American women.

Who is getting a divorce in San Jose?

Our service sees a lot of diversity and by diversity we mean age, sex, ethnicity, and financial status.  While it is fairly easy to distinguish the fact that there are currently more men in engineering than women, and that certainly the Silicon Valley is dominated by the engineering field, we do not see any real trends in a particular career role that relate to divorce in San Jose or the local Bay Area.  Our service helps everyone from the cashier at your local gas station to the CEO of a high tech company.

Divorce in San Jose is definitely lower than in Southern California and overall less than about 40% of the other states in the US

The statistics show that the divorce rates in CA, which include divorce in San Jose, are actually a couple to few percent lower than about 40% of the other states across the US, with the exception of Southern California.  We think this has almost everything to do with the fact that people here tend to marry later in life which again statistically means they are less likely to divorce than if they married at a very young age.  Southern California has a completely different demographic of careers so we once again want to touch on the fact that living in the San Jose area is very much an engineering dominated area.

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