“In working with the office of Priority One Legal Documents Services, I have witnessed their true dedication to their clients and providing them a top quality service in all regards. Using this service is a great alternative if you do not wish to hire an attorney.”

-Marshall Coyle, Attorney Family Law/Personal Injury, San Jose, CA

Divorce Help

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There are generally three different types of dissolutions (divorces) in California, each with specific divorce procedures.

One is a much simpler divorce than other divorce’s that involve more paperwork and procedure.

The type of divorce you decide to do will depend on many circumstances which we will discuss with you during your FREE consultation.

Summary Dissolution (Divorce)

This is a divorce in which both spouses file jointly requiring full agreement and cooperation between the parties. In order to file for this type of divorce there are several qualifications that must be met by both spouses which we can discuss with you during your consultation.

Uncontested Divorce by Default

This is a divorce in which your spouse does not make an appearance by filing a “Response”. If your spouse does not file a Response, then we can terminate your marital status and establish most orders without your spouse’s signature or a hearing on your behalf. If your spouse files the Response, then we will be unable to establish any court orders without a full agreement by both spouses. However, if your case remains uncontested, the soonest your marital status can terminate in the State of California is 6 months and 1 day from the date your spouse was “served”.

Uncontested Divorce by Agreement

This is a divorce in which you and your spouse enter into a full agreement with regards to any asset / debt division, custody, visitation, and or child/spousal support orders. This process will allow you more flexibility to agree on your terms. When proceeding with this type of divorce, you will need your spouse to be fully cooperative in signing, notarizing, and completing all necessary documentation during the duration of time the case is being processed through the court and you have obtained your Judgment for divorce.


Our fees for our services can start as low as $350.00 and up for the simplest type of divorce, however it truly depends on each individual client’s specific situation and everything involved including how each client wishes to set up their case.  There are many options that you will have which can provide flexibility with the fees and will be discussed during your initial consultation.  In addition, we offer easy and flexible payment plans to help keep this process as comfortable as possible for all of our clients.

Let our experienced Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants assist you in preparing your documents right the first time!