Divorce Candy: Benefits of Chocolate During Your Divorce

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For over 25 years now our legal document preparation service has been providing candy to our clients who come to us to prepare and file their divorce or family law related paperwork. I used to wonder if this really mattered to our clients but over the years I found out it really does matter and it really does help. For years now I have watched our clients sit down with us for their free consultation or follow up appointment(s) and relax as they dive into our candy bowl! While we try our best to keep the candies mixed up, there is always the favorite….can you guess what that might be? If you guessed Chocolate, you were right.

Are there any real benefits associated with eating chocolate during your divorce?

While anxiety and stress is a normal part of life, sometimes life’s stresses can become a bit much, divorce being perhaps one of those times. Stress and worrying can deplete the body physically, mentally and emotionally. Now some experts suggest that you should try having a piece of chocolate as studies have shown that eating chocolate can in fact help calm you down.

Cocoa contains an organic compound called flavanol. Flavanols in chocolate help lower blood pressure and increase your vascular functioning*. Eating chocolate also benefits your heart by reducing your risk for stroke and heart attack. So it appears that there are some “genuine” health benefits associated with eating chocolate.

What can Chocolate do for you during your divorce?

During divorce some people turn to prescription drugs to handle the stress and anxiety. When it comes to managing general anxiety, chocolate can be a powerful ally. Consumed in moderation, chocolate can be a powerful relaxant. You can read more about the benefits of consuming chocolate in moderation on several websites and blogs, and we encourage you to do so if you “really” want to understand all of the nitty gritty details. But for us and for our clients, we say “keep that candy bowl full”! Watch out, some of our chocolates contain nuts and seeds….just in case you’re allergic.

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