Divorce at a Fair Price

What is fair?

We get questioned about our fees a lot because these days it seems that everything comes down to money. So what is fair when it comes down to preparing divorce and/or family law paperwork? The answer is- it depends. It depends on the entire situation. When determining the fees necessary to prepare a divorce case, it depends if there are children involved, if there are retirement accounts involved, if there is any real estate involved, if there will be any support involved, if the parties are agreeable or not, etc., etc. It can also depend on whether or not an attorney needs to get involved, as we are not attorneys and therefore cannot give legal advice.


So what is a fair fee for an attorney to charge? We network with a lot of other legal professionals and everyone has an opinion. Some attorneys believe that other attorneys charge too much, while other attorneys believe the other attorneys don’t charge enough. Some attorneys want to spend their time dealing with anything but paperwork, and therefore hire paralegals or legal document services to prepare their paperwork for them. The bottom line is attorneys charge what they feel is fair for their time and efforts and you as a client need to be comfortable with their fees. Many of our clients consult or have consulted with an attorney and felt as though the attorney was a valuable resource; in the end they felt that the paperwork preparation could be handled by our service. While charging $300-$400 an hour may seem like a lot of money, a good attorney is well worth it if they provide you with the right advice and get you in the right direction. The breakdown occurs when the attorney continues to charge for things the client could easily have done for less, outside of the attorney practice, or when the attorney charges a client wrongfully for their time. It really comes down to the old saying that “One bad apple can spoil the entire barrel”, and this is what I feel has been the case with a lot of attorneys.

There Are Still Good Attorneys Out There

We have been fortunate over the years to associate with some very knowledgeable, experienced and fair attorneys. In turn, the attorneys we work with feel the same about us. We are fortunate to have a common goal of helping our clients, while at the same time keeping our fees as reasonable as possible while still providing a quality service. We keep our fees competitive considering the level and quality of service we are providing. It took us 25 years to get to this level and it was not always easy, but well worth the efforts!

Experience And Professionalism Matters

Today, I am happy to say that our service is considered one of the most knowledgeable and professional, family law legal document services, in San Jose and Northern CA and the attorneys we associate with are also some of the best. We help a lot of people who have come from other services or “do it yourself” websites where their paperwork was rejected or they just got tired of trying to navigate through the court system on their own. There are varied reasons for this, but what it really comes down to is knowledge and experience. If you prepare the wrong form(s) or make even one mistake, your paperwork is likely to get rejected, delaying the completion of your case and, if rejected too many times, could result in you being forced to make a court appearance (hearing).
Just as with any business, you may find that another service may charge a lesser fee, but it is most likely because they are not providing the level of customer service, the number of options and overall quality of service and experience that our office strives to provide for each and every one of our clients.

Additionally, we still provide free consultations, evening and weekend appointments, and affordable payment plans in order to accommodate our clients schedules and financial circumstances

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