Bifurcation during Divorce

The word bifurcation, apart from being a funny sounding word, does have a meaning and important purpose during a divorce.

Definition of Bifurcation During Divorce

The splitting of a larger whole or main body into two smaller and separate units. Bifurcation can occur when one company (or couple) divides into two separate divisions, thereby creating two new companies (or two single individuals).

In California, Bifurcation allows the court to separate the termination of the marriage from the other issues that need to be resolved such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and division of property and/or debts. In California, a divorce and bifurcation cannot be granted until six months after the Petition is filed and the opposing party is served.

I want to remarry

Bifurcation allows one or both spouses to remarry without having to first resolve all the issues of the prior marriage. In some divorce cases, resolving such issues far exceeds the 6 month and 1 day waiting period and as such this may be an option that allows one or both parties to move forward with a new marriage, while of course still needing to eventually resolve the other issues.

If you bifurcate, you will most likely need to pay a Divorce Attorney or Legal Document Assistant (LDA) addition fees for this addition procedure and request. You will also more than likely have an additional court appearance or appearances involved in this process. This can make a potential low cost divorce, not so low cost. However, if you use an experienced Divorce Preparation Service (also known as a Legal Document Preparation Service or Legal Document Assistant), you may still be able to minimize your cost as they may be able to prepare and file your bifurcation paperwork as well as your supplemental judgment paperwork. This is a very technical and delicate process that should only be handled by someone with many years of experience.

Bifurcation in Northern California

California Family Code §2337 allows for bifurcation during divorce. In California you may also use a Legal Document Service with supporting Legal Document Assistants (LDA’s) to prepare and file your bifurcation paperwork. However, we strongly suggest that you consult with an attorney before you decide to move forward with the bifurcation process so that you are aware of everything involved and how this could affect you and your spouse.

As one of the most respected, and long standing legal document preparation services in San Jose and Northern California, Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc is here to help you with your bifurcation paperwork. While we are not divorce attorneys, and as such cannot legally advise, we do associate with several very well respected family law attorneys who we can refer to you should you want or require legal advice.

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