Beware of cheap or flat fee divorce services

I see ads all the time now on the internet saying “Divorce $300,” “Flat Fee Divorce Services $495,” etc., etc. If something seems too good to be true, then maybe it is. That is how we feel about the advertisements flat fee divorce services and other cheap divorce services.

In a divorce there are many things to consider and many ways to approach things. Many of these advertisers are strictly on-line services and do not have on-site professional offices where you can actually go to meet with them face to face to know who you are working with to handle and process your case through the court system and to ensure that they have the level of experience, knowledge and professionalism to properly prepare your case.

Additionally should you ever have an issue with the documents they prepared for you, you know where to find them to ensure they make all necessary correction and do as they promised. Also, many of these flat fee divorce services have the “boiler plate” divorce approaches, meaning if you don’t fit into one of their of A, B or C template scenarios, they either can’t help you or more commonly, they will have to charge you additional fees for what you need. This will many times add financial increases and surprises fort the client.

Additionally, if the client wants a full service of document preparation and court filing with added customer service, many times additional fees will also be added to the back end of  these flat fee divorce services. Usually, the client feels misled and frustrated as they are not happy with these financial surprises and/or the lack of assistance and customer service they are receiving. We all want to save money in every way we can but always remember that you are not purchasing a product but a “service” which is something you do not want to cut yourself short on as this can affect you and your case directly.

The fees for a divorce vary on many things

We have been in business, in the same city/county for over twenty five years now. We help people divorce without using an attorney when they are agreeable or after they have received advice from an attorney since we cannot give our clients legal advice. Our service is not an off the shelf divorce solution or a one size fits all approach because our clients are all different and all require a different approach to how we prepare their paperwork. We tailor our approach to what they are looking for, what their circumstances are, where they are in the process, their budget, etc., etc. This is the way we have always worked with our clients because that is the best way to work with our clients who deserve a “customized approach” to their document preparation and a high level of customer service throughout the processing of their case which can take several months to process through the court system.

There is not “one size fits all” in divorce preparation. A good service wants and needs to know upfront many things such as if there are any children involved, if there is any support to be ordered, if the parties have any real estate involved and/or any retirement accounts, etc., etc. These things matter when preparing divorce documentation because most people want to address these items in their divorce paperwork.

Another important thing to consider is what if your spouse decides to contest your divorce and the service you used only prepares uncontested divorce preparation? It seems logical that you would look for a service that not only tailors to your situation, but also has the ability to be flexible in the different ways they can help you should things not go as planned.

What should I expect to pay with a professional legal document preparation service for my divorce paperwork preparation?

Again we do not offer a “one fee fits all” for divorce paperwork preparation or offer any kind of flat fee divorce services filing since everyone’s case is different and we work individual with each client bases on their needs, wants, and requests. We do offer a free consultation to all of our clients. In that consultation we take the time to go over everything with our clients in detail and discuss how we can assist them based on their specific situation. During this time we are able to determine a flat fee of what it will cost to have our service prepare and file their paperwork based on their case specifically and exactly how they wish that we set up their case.

This fee is a set fee without any financial surprises so long as the case remains uncontested, the client’s keep everything moving efficiently with their case based on an agreed schedule, and do not requested changes be made to their documents after the initial requests made and quote given based on those specific requests. No smoke and mirrors, no hidden or undisclosed fees, and no “loss leader” flat rate advertisements to get clients to call us. We feel like stating a one size fits all fee can be misleading and also hurts legitimate businesses like ours because once people get a price in their head, they stick with that price. As great as it would sound to say we can prepare everyone’s documents for the same fee, we all know that it is not realistic and we would rather be genuine from the beginning without any misleading or financial surprises to our clients!

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