Are you looking to do a Fast Divorce in San Jose or Northern California?

Throughout our 25 years of doing business, we have had many clients that have requested that we prepare a fast divorce in San Jose and throughout California. We have found that the majority of time these requests come more often during the month of April as many times people are hoping to finalize their divorces before year end for different reasons.

Reasons for Wanting a Fast Divorce

One major reason is because clients have been advised by their tax consultant that they should finalize their divorce in order to have their marital status terminated by that years end for tax purposes. This of course does not mean that this is the best course of action for everyone, as everyone’s situation is different, and each person should consult their individual tax consultant to see what they recommend is best in their specific situation.

Sometimes it is not about anything more than wanting to make sure the door has been closed by the end of that specific year so that they can start the New Year off as a new beginning with some form of closure. For some a fast divorce is simply a way of securing a fast start on the rest of their lives.

How Fast is a Fast Divorce?

If you are trying to do a fast divorce in San Jose or anywhere in California for that matter, please keep in mind that the soonest California court’s will allow you to terminate your marital status is six months and one day from the date that the Respondent is served or has entered into the action by other procedural methods.

We understand that many people want a fast divorce and will do everything possible to accommodate each client within the laws of the state of California.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at (408) 885-9795 as we are happy to assist you with a fast divorce in San Jose or in any other city you reside in Northern California.

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