An Affordable Alternative

Is there an Affordable Divorce Solution?

Our clients come to us for a myriad of reasons, one being the fact that we are an affordable divorce solution. However we have heard from many of our clients that had they not taken the time to do their research, they would have never stumbled upon us. I think a lot of people think they have to use an attorney to get divorced but that is no longer the case. Attorneys have long relied on their staff, paralegals in particular, to prepare the documents associated with their client cases. After a while many of the paralegals started working on their own to help clients prepare their documents. They charged less than an attorney and many of them did a great job for their clients. The affordable divorce solution was born!

Registered and Bonded

Roughly six years ago, the State of California put the kibosh on this type of practice because there were services like this popping up everywhere and many of the services were not staffed by paralegals or anyone remotely familiar with how to properly fill out the documents for the clients. At that point the state required that anyone who offered their service to prepare legal documents for a fee, be registered and bonded as a Legal Document Assistant (LDA) to insure the person was properly trained to do so.

The bar was raised at that point and Legal Document Services became a viable alternative for the public to use instead of an attorney. Making a number of legal processes affordable, including divorce.

Specialized Legal Assistance

While there are many legal document services out there, we feel that a service that specializes in a particular type of practice is the best type o service to use. At Priority One Legal Document Services, Inc our practice area is family law and family law only.

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